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Verizon Business and We Are Incandescent, an independent task force based in the UK, have introduced a digital platform showcasing innovative solutions, aiming to address diverse challenges encountered across 30 industry sectors in the country. This collaborative project drew insights from 500 local companies.

Named the UK Innovation Industries 500 (UKII500) report, the platform was created to track the implementation of emerging technologies across various sectors, ranging from agriculture and research to space exploration.

In a collective statement, the partners highlighted that the online platform “provides insight into the key areas of focus of visionary teams striving to find solutions to the biggest and most important challenges of our time." They further noted that the project entailed seven months of research and engagement initiatives with industry leaders.

The report outlined the technologies employed by participating organizations, including the integration of inspection robots and machine learning (ML) in agricultural practices for improved farming and harvesting techniques. Additionally, it highlighted the adoption of IoT, data analytics, and AI in the healthcare industry to enhance care work.

Furthermore, the report underscored the application of AI for "emissions monitoring" within the logistics sector, aimed at establishing transparent, ethical, and sustainable global supply chains.

Verizon and We Are Incandescent promoted the UKII500 platform in the report as a pioneering initiative, describing it as the "first-of-its-kind listing" that raises awareness of the UK's leading innovations by showcasing innovative companies and pioneers.

“With innovation crucial to the future of the UK’s economic growth and industrial strategy, this platform has been created to enable greater visibility between industry sectors nationwide and to encourage knowledge-sharing, collaboration, investment, and nurture the future of the UK workforce across emerging innovation sectors,” MD of Verizon Business for Nordics and UK and Ireland, Tony Judd, said.