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Vodafone has announced multiple initiatives which aim to enhance its mobile network infrastructure and coverage during the 2024 European Football Championship in Germany.

During the 2023 season, Germany had the highest average stadium capacity in Europe at 41,100. This substantial attendance underscores the critical need for robust connectivity services in and around these venues.

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The high average stadium capacity in Germany highlighted the necessity for Vodafone to implement robust connectivity services, prompting the company to enhance its mobile network infrastructure and efforts.

These efforts include launching 650 construction projects across 50 locations associated with the championship games. These projects will focus on strengthening network coverage in ten championship stadiums, ensuring seamless connectivity for both players and spectators. Enhanced network infrastructure will also be implemented along access routes to these venues, providing reliable service for the influx of fans traveling to and from the events.

Additionally, fan areas, where supporters gather to celebrate and engage with the games, will benefit from upgraded network capabilities. Furthermore, the training facilities of national teams will see improved connectivity, facilitating better preparation and coordination for the athletes. These comprehensive upgrades aim to provide a superior experience for everyone involved in the championship games, from players and coaches to fans and support staff.

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The network enhancement within the ten stadiums is being executed in close collaboration with other network operators. In three of these stadiums (located in Gelsenkirchen, Cologne, and Leipzig), Vodafone is assuming responsibility for managing the expansion efforts, which will benefit all network operators involved.

Vodafone is additionally guaranteeing stable network coverage for fans along approach routes, in stadium parking lots, and at public transport stations. In the event of emergencies, prompt response will be ensured. Notably, emergency calls to 112 will receive priority on the Vodafone mobile network. The caller's location is automatically relayed to the emergency control center for swift assistance.

In addition to the comprehensive upgrades planned for the ten European Championship stadiums, Vodafone will deploy an additional 15 mobile base stations in front of the stadiums and within fan zones. These mobile units, each weighing approximately nine tones, will be transported to the designated locations by truck, assembled on site, connected to the power grid, and seamlessly integrated into the existing mobile network, and allocated by frequency.

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